Welcome to the FALM Pallet Price Index

First Alliance is a national pallet management company that sources pricing all over the United States. One of our most popular pallets is the standard grocery pallet, also referred to as a GMA or 48x40.
We've compiled pricing from various regions across the US as a market barometer. We collect all pricing each quarter and the price matrix shown below is updated quarterly. The published price is FOB Mill or picked up at the suppliers dock. For delivery within a 50-100 mile radius, add $0.25 to $0.50 per pallet

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FALM Regional Pallet Price Index

RegionAtlanta, GAChicago, ILDallas, TXFlorida LA, CAPacific NWOhioPhila., PA
48x40 AAA Grade Recycled$8.22$7.65$6.38$6.75$9.13$8.00$7.60$8.50
48x40 Standard A Grade Recycled$7.28$6.39$5.85$6.20$8.83$7.00$6.50$7.38
48x40 B-Grade Recycled$6.41$5.18$4.90$4.67$7.33$6.00$5.33$5.80
48x40 New Softwood GMA$15.50$13.85$18.78$14.50$15.73$11.36$12.00**$14.79
Heat-Treatment Surcharge (ISPM-15)$1.00*$0.83$1.00*$1.33$1.38$1.00*$1.17$0.97
Typical Core$3.30$2.83$2.42$2.23$3.83$3.00$2.75$2.75
*Typical Heat Treatment Pricing
**Pricing is for a New Hardwood pallet
Updated 12/7/2020