Wooden Pallets Lifespan

6 Tips to Extend Your Wooden Pallets’ Lifespan

The average lifespan of wooden pallets is approximately 3-5 years, which certainly isn’t a short lifespan for a product that is constantly carrying heavy loads across the country. However, we know that it’s every supply chain manager’s goal to increase the lifespan of their pallets without sacrificing the safety of products and the employees that handle the pallets on a day-to-day basis. Because, of course, a longer pallet lifespan means less money spent on pallets. 

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Buying Pallets Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Pallets

Why Use Pallets?

Palletization has been prevalent for more than a century both in the U.S. and around the world and comes with innumerable benefits. For example, pallets allow you to move more products at a faster rate, which also helps to reduce transportation time for trucks and can decrease the time needed to unload/load trucks, meaning your dock spaces will open up faster. Not to mention, pallets reduce the need for manual handling, which can lead to less product damage and even fewer worker injuries.

Though the trend of palletizing is on the rise, it can be a daunting task to manage pallets that flow in and out of your supply chain. When you enter the pallet industry, you’ll find there’s somewhat of a science to pallet design with many different aspects to consider. Read More

Pallet Recycling

4 Benefits of Recycling Pallets through a Pallet Recovery System

What to do with used pallets?

What happens to your pallets after they’ve been used for the first time? If you’re like most businesses, they are either stored, burned or disposed of after their first shipment. While it seems like an innocent mistake, this is a missed opportunity for your business for a variety of reasons – most convincingly though, you could be missing out on phenomenal cost savings.  Read More