Used or Recycled Pallets

Recycled pallets are the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to ship your product.  FALM supplies all grades of recycled pallets across the US.  FALM has the inventory of recycled pallets to meet the needs of high demand customers and the flexibility to deliver less than truckload orders of 300 pallets or greater.

Used/Recycled Pallets

  • Lower your pallet cost with high quality used pallets
  • Environmentally friendly option in utilizing reconditioned wood pallets to lower your carbon footprint | Green Initiatives
  • Recycled pallets are graded based on structural repairs and cosmetics

Combo/re-manufactured pallets

  • A low cost alternative to new pallets
  • Avoid disruptions in supply from lumber shortages since recycled material is readily available.
  • Meets your same load capacity requirements with recycled material.
  • Hybrid pallets made of new and recycled material provide a best of both worlds option

Pallet Buy Back

  • On-site pickup of your used pallets, we take back to our remanufacturing facility, sort and grade based on condition, design, quality and your specifications. The most common size is a 48 x 40 GMA style pallet.  Credits for 48x40 pallets

#1 U.S. Pallet Supplier with the lowest priced pallets

  • On-site Pallet Pickup
  • Highest Quality of Wood, materials, and treating
  • Fast on time delivery
  • Reduce waste cost and get recycling rebates
  • online tracking system