Pallet Sales

First Alliance helps companies reduce pallet costs and increase recycling rebates. We offer a combined U.S. supplier network of 225 service centers and 15 expert pallet manufacturing, pallet recycling and pallet repair companies. Regardless of the size of your operations, you can depend on First Alliance to supply high quality wood pallets, A tandem trailer rig hauls a load of wooden palletsskids, crates and boxes.

  • New Pallets
    • Our suppliers can build new custom pallets to your specifications by utilizing pallet design software.
  • Recycled Pallets
    • Used pallets are sorted and graded based on condition, design and quality. The most common size is a 48 x 40 GMA style pallet. Reusable or refurbished pallets can be sold back to our customers, providing a significant cost savings.



  • Years of experience in the logistics process and a proven understanding of how to develop and manage a pallet logistics program.
  • A call center staffed exclusively with seasoned customer service representatives trained in every aspect of our specialized field.
  • An online tracking system helps companies save time and money administratively.
  • Daily interface with customers.